12 Tools to Convert Text to Voice: Online and PC Version Support

In this digital era, technology continues to develop, and one of the significant advances is in the field of Text-to-Speech (TTS) or changing text to voice . These tools provide a variety of benefits, from helping individuals with reading difficulties to enhancing the audiobook experience. In this article, we will explore 12 text-to-speech, PC-enabled tools that can be used online.

You can access software for converting text to voice online anywhere and anytime. Access easily and quickly via the website providing the text to voice conversion tool. Text to voice is certainly not a problem anymore. Because everything can be done automatically online.

In this article you will be given 12 recommended tools for converting text to sound which you can access online and in the PC version.

List of the best tools to convert text to voice

There are very many useful services for creating voice from text with a tool known as Text-To-Speech. The way to change text to voice is basically the same for all TTS applications, we only need to input text, choose the voice model, adjust the audio and convert to speech. The following are 12 text to voice conversion applications that we can take advantage of and use immediately:

1 iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is a Text-to-Speech tool that is quite flexible, because you can access it either via cellphone or download the PC version.

VoxBox box icon
imyfone voxbox product iconVoxBox Featured Features
  • Supports +46 languages ​​including Indonesian/ Javanese/Sundanese /English/Mandarin etc
  • Transcribe Images/PDF/Text into expressive audio with over +3200 voice models
  • Accurately transcribe Speech/Audio to text.
  • Supports various import & export formats such as MP3, WAV

It lets you convert text to voice with a variety of very realistic sounds. With a variety of language options, you can produce sounds that suit your preferences.

▼ How to Use iMyFone VoxBox to Convert Text to Voice

tts voice software- magicmic voxbox

Step 1:Open VoxBox and enter the “Text to Speech” menu

Step 2:In the column, fill in the text that will be made into sound

Step 3:Select a voice model and determine how the audio is spoken

Step 4:If you have made edits, select the “Convert” button.

Step 5:The speech audio has been successfully created and we can play it or save it to the computer using the “Export” button.

2 Google Text-to-Speech

Google Text-to-Speech interface

Google Text-to-Speech is one of the famous TTS services from the Google company, and its main advantage is that you can use it online or integrate it with PC applications. This service offers sound that is quite capable for text-to-voice needs and support for multiple languages, making it a good choice.

However, the online text to voice service from Google TTS has been integrated with Google cloud services. So, to use Google’s online text to voice service you have to create an account and link a credit card first. Unfortunately there is no free version, only demonstration features are available.

3 Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly interface

Amazon Polly is a TTS service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can access it online via a web interface, and it can also be integrated with PC applications. One of the standout features of the Amazon Polly is the wide range of realistic sound options available, making it suitable for a variety of uses.

According to information from Amzon Polly, you can use up to 5 million human voice characters. Of course, for those of you who want to try the online text to voice conversion feature from Amazon, please create an AWS account first.

4 Microsoft Azure Text to Speech

Microsoft Azure Text to Speech interface

Microsoft Azure Text to Speech is another TTS service that is available both online via the web and can be integrated into PC applications. It provides a wide selection of voices and is a solid choice for developers looking to integrate TTS capabilities into their products.

5 Media.io

Media.io interface

Media.io is an online tool that provides fast and easy text to voice conversion. You can easily download the results or use the generated sounds online. Even though it doesn’t have a PC version, it is an efficient choice for fast conversions. However, for those of you who need the flexibility to change text to voice, you can choose other services such as iMyFone VoxBox.

6 Speaktor.com

Speaktor.com interface

Speakor.com is an online crossword tool that provides natural voices. It lets you convert text to voice in several languages, making it a good choice if you need a wide variety of languages ​​in your projects.

7 ReadAloud

ReadAloud interface

ReadAloud is a TTS software specially designed for PC as well as online. It lets you convert text to voice from various document formats and web pages. With the ability to read text in a variety of formats, ReadAloud is a useful tool for many PC users. The advantage of ReadAloud is that it provides browser extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. However, for those of you who want text to voice based on your own text and edit it, this software cannot do it yet.

8 iSpeech

iSpeech interface

iSpeech is an online voice text conversion service that allows you to convert text to voice quickly and easily. You can access it via a web browser, so there’s no need to download or install additional software. This is a practical solution for text to voice conversion. But the downside of this online text to voice conversion service is that the language support is quite limited. For example, Indonesian is not yet available on this text to voice conversion service.

9 ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker interface

ReadSpeaker is an online text to voice conversion service that supports multiple languages ​​and can be integrated with your websites and applications. This allows you to provide an audio experience to your website visitors, increasing accessibility and user convenience.

10 TTSMP3.com

TTSMP3.com interface

TTSMP3.com is a simple online tool that allows you to convert text to voice and make it into an MP3 quickly. This is a great choice if you just need a quick conversion without a lot of additional options. However, there is very little flexibility if you want more advanced settings. Moreover, there is only 28 language support available that can be used to convert text to voice.

11 Oddcast

Oddcast interface

Oddcast is an online text to voice conversion service that offers a variety of unique voices. You can integrate it into your website or application to give your project a unique sound characteristic. Oddcast also offers the option to create customizable voice characters.

12 Voicepods

Voicepods interface

Voicepods is an online text to voice converter tool that allows you to convert text to voice simply. It can be easily accessed via a web browser, making it an efficient option for generating audio from text.

The final word

You can choose between these 12 tools depending on your needs, voice preferences, and the platform you use. Some of these tools offer both free and paid versions, so it’s important to consider your needs and budget before choosing the most suitable tool.

Of the many text to voice converting tools, it can be seen that the most perfect is VoxBox iMyFone . With the help of the right service like VoxBox for converting text to voice, you can make text more accessible, support a variety of communication needs, and improve the user experience in various contexts.

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