Best PC Voice Changer, 600+ Voice Effects to Change Voice in Realtime

The PC voice changer application is currently very necessary to support creating content or to use it when doing live steaming and various other purposes. With this voice changer application, we can change our voice into unique audio according to what we want. Apart from being able to be used on mobile devices, both Android phones and iPhones, we can also use the PC voice changer application .

PC voice changers on desktop devices such as Windows generally have more complex and complete features compared to cellphone voice changers. This is because the system specs on a computer or laptop are usually much higher compared to mobile devices, so they support the running of many features. Therefore, the PC voice changer application is more appropriate to use to be able to change the voice with more professional facilities.

How to Use MagicMic Voice Changer on PC

One of the best voice changer software is MagicMic, because apart from its various advantages, we can also use it for mobile smartphone devices or desktop laptops/PC computers. This software is also compatible and can be used on various operating systems such as Android, Windows, MacOS and iOS.

iMyFone MagicMic

Useful Voice Changer

  • Change voice in real-time on Discord , CSGO, ZOOM, etc. with +225 charming voice ai filters, including Blackpink Jisoo, Lisa, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, etc.
  • Extensive library with +600 sound effects and +200 meme sounds .
  • Voice changing can be done through 3 modes; live (real-time), recording with mic and morph audio files.
  • One-click voice customization with Voice Custom.

To understand more about the features found in the best MagicMic Voice Changer tool, we can immediately practice using the PC voice changer application. Download and install the Voice Changer application for free via the official iMyFone MagicMic website, so you will know why this application is the best voice changer.

1. Download the latest free MagicMic voice changer and install this application on the Windows you are using. You can directly download this application by clicking the button below.

2. After downloading and installing this best voice changer application, we can immediately open it and try using it for free to start changing your voice.

3. There are three main functions in changing your voice through this voice changer application, we can adjust them to suit our individual needs.

a) Change Voice in Real-Time

When we use this voice changer application, the main feature that is used by default is changing the voice in real time . So the sound that enters through the microphone will automatically be changed to a sound that has been selected on the voice changer filter.

change the sound in real time

b) Recording Sound and Changing Audio Output

Apart from the real time feature, there is also a recording feature, which is for saving the sound from the filter results that have been changed. With this we can create an audio file for various purposes such as providing animated content, voice overs for videos and so on.

record sound and change audio output

c) Add a Voice Changer Filter to Audio Files

If you don’t want to record sound using a mic, then there is another way, namely changing an existing audio file stored on the device into a new audio file with the added voice changer filter effect. With this we don’t have to use our own voice, but also have the option to use someone else’s voice from an existing mp3 format audio file.

add voice changer filter to audio files

iMyFone MagicMic’s real-time voice changing feature can be used directly in many games and social media, such as Discord, Zoom, Skype, PUBG, CS:GO etc., use Discord as an example, here is a detailed tutorial for real-time voice changing in Discord with iMyFone Magicmic.

Video Introduction to iMyFone MagicMic, let’s watch it now!

Additional Features on PC Voice Changer

There are many features that can be used to change the sound output from the PC voice changer application. By using the desktop version of the voice changer application, we can access additional facilities to produce maximum audio output as we expect.

additional features on the PC voice changer

1Custom Voices

The voice changer applications that are widely available for cellphone devices can usually only be used to change the voice according to preset filters. But different from other voice changers, MagicMic is equipped with facilities to customize the audio freely.

2Sound Effects

There is also an additional soundboard feature to add effects so that the content we create or live streaming will appear more interactive. Here we can customize the soundboard so you can create unique and copy right-free sounds if you want to add to monetized content.

3Keybinds Controls

To make it easier to activate and use the available voice changer filters or sound effects, we can use the Keybinds Controls feature. By first configuring the keyboard combination, we can practically call up the voice change filters and sound effects in the voice changer application.

4Noise Reduction

Most voice changer applications on cellphones are not equipped with noise removal or removal features, as a solution we can use the MagicMic Voice Changer application on a PC. By activating this noise reduction feature, we can reduce the noise contained in the audio.

5Voice Studio

For those of you who are still not satisfied with the sound settings, filters and sound effects in the MagicMic PC Voice Changer Application, you can try Voice Studio to create sound effects according to your taste.

Difference between MagicMic PC and HP

Differences between the Magicmic voice changer application for PC and cellphone

The MagicMic voice changer application, which is available on desktop devices such as computers or laptops with Windows and MacOS operating systems, is different from the voice changer version for Android phones or iPhones. To better understand which MagicMic Voice Changer application is suitable for you to use, you can see the explanation points regarding the feature comparison below.

MagicMic Voice Changer for PC

1. This PC voice changer application works in real-time so it is very suitable for creating content for playing games, chatting or regular communication, and is also suitable for live streaming during live broadcasts.

2. There are 160+ sound filters (continuous updates), 500+ sound effects, and there are also sound memes ready to use.

3. As discussed above, there is a sound studio that allows us to customize unique sound effects.

4. Voice recorder via mic for saving and changing audio sounds from files stored on the computer supported by the PC voice changer application.

product iconiMyFone MagicMic for Windows

The best Voice changer application, change voice in real-time on various social media apps , change voice to male or female , clone voice with AI technology etc., lots of interesting features that can make your life happy, don’t hesitate, come download and use it now !

MagicMic Voice Changer for HP

1. This voice changer application is 100% free to install and run on Android or iOS devices.

2. This voice changer application is designed to make it easy for users to make voice changes, either from recordings or audio from files stored on their cellphone.

3. There is background sound that supports creating content that is relevant to the theme you want to discuss. So we can adjust the audio to the desired atmosphere through the available background audio options.

4. Manual volume control for more technical sound adjustments so that it can accurately match the desired audio output.


For minimal and fast use, we can use the HP version of the MagicMic voice changer application because it is simpler. However, if you want to be more professional, you can use the MagicMic PC voice changer application because it has much more complete features and can modify the voice and audio more thoroughly. We can try the MagicMic Voice Changer application for free for both mobile and desktop devices. The MagicMic voice changing tool has complete features, so it’s no surprise that this makes it the best PC voice changer . Using this voice changer application allows us to produce maximum content, so why not now click the button below to try it straight away?

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