How to Change a Female Voice to a Male Voice

How to change a woman’s voice to a man can now be done with various applications that have this filter effect. We can generally download and use applications for changing women’s voices to men’s voices for free, both on cellphones and PCs. Apart from using voice changer tools or applications, you can also change a woman’s voice to a man’s voice by using a website that provides online services. However, of the many ways that can be done, the best method for changing a woman’s voice to a man’s is by using the iMyFone MagicMic software.

How to Change a Woman’s Voice to a Man

In this article we will discuss a tutorial on how to change a woman’s voice to a man’s using the MagicMic application. Apart from being able to change the voice from female to male, we can also use other available filters. Apart from that, there are many other features that we can use in the MagicMic female to male voice changer application.

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Before going to the steps on how to change a woman’s voice to a man’s, first download and install the best MagicMic Voice Changer for Windows computers for free via the link below:

a. Realtime How to Change a Female’s Voice to a Male

How to change your voice from female to male in real time

Make sure in the settings menu we have selected the right mic as the input device for iMyFone MagicMic.

  1. After you have finished downloading and installing the female to male voice changer application, we can then open the application.
  2. We can see the ” Mic Image Icon ” and speaker in the lower right corner, make sure this feature is active.
  3. Next, in the main menu, we can select the ” Female to Male ” filter category to activate the way to change a female’s voice to male and you can also select the ” Girl to Boy ” filter details, there are also other filters for the category of changing the voice from Female to Male that can be used. you use.
  4. After this feature is activated, here we can ” configure the audio output ” first if you feel that the sound on the filter is not quite what you want.
  5. If so, we can use the microphone on the mic to change the voice from male to female directly.

This first method is appropriate to use if we want to use the method of changing a woman’s voice to a man’s to communicate or have a conversation directly. We can use this method to chat on the Discord platform or when doing live streaming or if we just want to use it to do pranks.


b. Change Female Voice to Male by Recording Voice

1 Change your voice from female to male by recording your voice

    1. To change the sound of the voice recording we made using a mic, we can open MagicMic and select the ” Female to Male ” filter.
    2. Next, there is a menu in the lower right corner ” Record Voice Change ” that we can select.

2 Change your voice from female to male by recording your voice

  1. Next a new window will appear and we are ready to record by pressing the ” Mic Icon “.
  2. If you have recorded, we can select the stop icon then select ” Voice Change “.
  3. After selecting voice change, we can then determine the sound filter and adjust the audio if you have selected the ” Export ” button.
  4. Here we can give a name to the file to be exported, then select the location where the file is saved and when everything is done select ” Confirm Export “.

c. Changing Female Voice Files to Male

1 change female voice files to male

    1. We can change the audio from a female voice file to a male voice with the ” File Voice Change ” feature, click the menu in the bottom right corner.

2 change female voice files to male

  1. Next a window will appear, and we can select ” Click to Import ” then determine which audio file on the computer storage you want to change the sound for.
  2. If so, we can select the Voice Name filter ” Female to Male ” to change the female voice to male. Here we can also adjust the audio volume and reduce noise in the sound.
  3. If you have selected ” Export ” then change the file name and select a storage location if necessary, when everything is deemed to be according to our wishes then the final step is to select ” Confirm Export “.

Female to Male Voice Changer Application

Although there are many methods to change a woman’s voice to a man’s , the most appropriate is the MagicMic application. We can download the MagicMic female to male voice changer application for free and can use it on a PC or laptop computer. This application is recommended because it has various advantages and benefits when using it. The advantages can be seen through the points below.

1. Free

We can try by downloading and installing a free female to male voice changer application for Windows computers. Almost all important features in the MagicMic application can be used in the free version. For the paid full version, users will get more filters and sound effects so they have more freedom in choosing to produce the output they want. Apart from that, in the pro version, users can also use this application for other devices or OS in the future in accordance with the applicable licensing policies.

2. Easy to Use

One of the other advantages of this female to male voice changer application is that it is very easy to use. Even after we download and install this application on our computer, we can directly use the real-time voice changer feature by changing the mic sound according to the filter used. The interface design on MagicMic will make it easier for users to follow and practice how to change a woman’s voice to a man’s voice correctly.

3. Many filter options

Even though this tutorial discusses how to change a woman’s voice to a man’s, actually we can also use various other available filters. Apart from changing the voice from female to male, we can also change the voice from male to female. Other filters are no less interesting, such as the Spongebob cartoon, the popular minions and many more sound effects that can be explored.

4. Adjust Audio Output

If you don’t like the sound results that were changed using the available filters, then we can adjust the output results . Here we can configure manually so that the resulting sound can be as accurate as you want. To make it easier in the future to use the filter that you have modified, we can save these settings.

5. Additional sound effects

So that the sound produced can be unique and adapt to the environment you expect, there is a feature to add background sound effects . To make the audio we have sound more interesting, there are several sound effects that can be used, for example splashing water, the sound of rain and the sound of a storm.

6. Intuitive Innovation

MagicMic not only provides useful features for changing a woman’s voice to a man’s, but there are many other benefits that we can use with this application. MagicMic Voice Changer continues to develop and is continuously updated as it will be provided on other devices and OS. That way, in the future we don’t need to worry because using this application will provide new facilities and features that are relevant to user needs as the update progresses.

7. Can be run offline

One of the advantages that we get from this magicmic female to male voice changing application is that it can be used without internet access . It’s true that at first we may need online access to download the available filters, but after the required assets are downloaded we can use this application offline.

The final word

How to change a woman’s voice to a man’s voice is very easy to do by using the best voice changer application MagicMic iMyFone . This application is very practical and has simple steps to use to provide filters and modify the sound. Apart from changing a woman’s voice to a man, we can also use iMyFone MagicMic to give many other filter effects to the voice. What’s more, we can download and use this application for free without needing to connect to an internet connection. There are also many methods for changing the sound , starting from real time using a mic, recording first, to modifying audio files stored on the device. There are also other features such as adding background sound effects and adjusting the audio so that it can produce accurate sound output . Because of this, of course it will be very profitable to choose MagicMic as a voice changing application for the devices we use.

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