How to Get 1000+ Popular Funny Meme Sounds And Customize

An important part of interesting content is the presence of humor in it. The funny sound of memes makes the information we convey feel less boring and monotonous. Currently, funny meme sounds are often used to insert into content that is created so that it can be interesting and make people more entertained.

To get funny meme sounds, we can usually do a manual search on the internet. Doing a voice search for funny memes manually is less effective because we need to download and edit them before using them. As a practical way, we can use funny meme sounds without having to download and edit them first. We can get a collection of funny meme sound effects through the iMyFone MagicMic application which will make it easier for users to add meme sound effects to the project being created.

Download Funny Meme Sounds Easily

There are many ways to download funny meme sounds, either using an application or manually using a browser. We usually need to search for a collection of meme sound effects manually one by one and then edit them if we only need the audio meme voice . As a solution, here we will use the iMyFone MagicMic application to download and use funny meme sounds for free and easily . Before proceeding to how to get or download a collection of meme sound effects, we first need to download the MagicMic application.

How to download funny meme sounds easily

  1. After the iMyFone MagicMic application is downloaded, we can then install it on the computer.
  2. Then after it is installed on the PC or laptop, we can open the iMyFone MagicMic application
  3. In this application we can enter the VoiceMeme menu, this is a feature where we can download and get a collection of meme sound effects quickly and simply.
  4. Double click on the funny meme sound icon that you want to download, of course we need to have an internet connection to download the audio.
  5. After the voice meme is downloaded, we can then use it for various purposes, for example creating content or for use for live streaming purposes.
  6. Next, after the funny meme sounds have been collected in this application, then using it again will be easier, that is, we just have to open the VoiceMeme feature again.

It’s possible that the funny meme sound you’re hoping for can’t be found in the MagicMic application. Don’t worry, we can select the Click Here menu to search for more voice memes on the imyfone server, the MagicMic application developer. However, if you still haven’t found your favorite funny meme sound, you can download it via your browser using the method described in the steps below.

Alternative download a complete collection of free meme sound effects

  1. Open a browser and visit the site This site is a website that provides various kinds of funny meme sounds such as anime cartoons and so on.
  2. Next, we can enter the Category menu and select the Meme & Funny menu.
  3. On this sound effects page we can find various kinds of funny meme sound effects that can be used later.
  4. To make it easier to find the sound effect you are looking for, we can also search by typing keywords.
  5. Next, after finding the sound effect you are looking for, you can listen to it first by pressing it to play, then if it feels suitable we can download it and save it to the device we have.

If you don’t find the sound effect you are looking for on this site, you can use another site such as . If we still haven’t found it, we can also search on the YouTube site then download and then edit the file into audio format.

All the sound effects that we have can be entered into the MagicMic application in the sound effects menu so that in the future we can find and use them again. Apart from that, there is also a keybind feature which will make it easier for us to call up the sound effect via the keybind feature of the MagicMic application, the tutorial for which will be explained in the following article.

How to Use Funny Meme Sounds

To use sound effects or funny meme sounds depends on how we are going to use them. In the MagicMic application, if you want to use sound effects to add when we are creating content, there are two ways.

Get Sound Meme Audio Files

    1. Open the MagicMic application then go to the VoiceMeme menu
  1. After we download the funny meme sound via the application, we can use the audio file for Windows OS in the folder directory C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\iMyFone MagicMic\Audio\MeMe
  2. Next, we can use this collection of meme sound effects for various purposes, for example to add to video editing software when we are creating content for a project.

Adding Meme Sounds Using KeyBoard

get the meme sound audio file

Apart from using audio files from those stored in a folder on your computer, we can also use the audio with the Keybind feature on MagicMic. This allows us to use keyboard keys or combinations thereof as trigger keys so that when we press the keybind the sound will be played automatically . To activate this feature, please follow the steps below.

add meme sound using keyboard

  1. Open the MagicMic application
  2. Make sure we have downloaded the audio file of the funny meme sound that will be used
  3. If the sound you want is not available, please use other sources as in the tutorial written at the top of this article.
  4. Enter the VoiceMeme menu
  5. To use it, we just have to choose which meme voice we want to use, while adding sounds from audio files that you have and are stored on your computer, we can select import.
  6. Finally, to make the sound active and play automatically when we press the keyboard, we can select the Add Keybind menu, then press the button on the keyboard as a trigger.

This feature is very useful, especially when we do live streaming or live broadcasts, so we can activate the sound of funny memes at good moments to improve the quality of our broadcast so that it is interesting and can increase views. Apart from that, we can also use the voice change feature in the MagicMic application to change the sound from the mic in real time so that the video atmosphere is made more lively and entertaining.

The final word

We can get a collection of meme sound effects easily via the internet, but to find them we need to search and edit them so they can become sound effect audio files that are ready to be used. The iMyFone MagicMic application makes it easy to find the funny meme sounds we are looking for, and with this application we can also manage these sound effects more effectively. Apart from that, another benefit that can be obtained from using MagicMic is the keybind feature which is very useful for using in scripts to call sound effects via the keyboard . So this method is very suitable for us to create content or do live streaming. What’s more, the MagicMic application also has the main function as a voice changer which will support us in changing our voice to create funny and interesting content so that it has the potential to bring in lots of views later.

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