Tutorial on How to Change Voice on Discord

Discord is a real-time communication application that provides a platform for having voice, text, and media conversations. This application is very popular among gamers, but is also used by other online communities, such as organizations, schools and companies for internal communication. One of the main features that is most widely used on this platform is voice communication . Discord provides a voice chat feature that allows users to communicate in real-time via voice . The voice communication facility on Discord is useful for group discussions, virtual meetings, or just casual conversation with friends.

When communicating, maybe we want to change the voice on discord , for whatever reason we need a voice changer for discord so we can modify the audio. In this article we will discuss how to change the voice on Discord so that the audio that is heard by other users on the application is not our original voice. One of the recommended tools for discord voice changers is MagicMic iMyFone, which has many advantages and is easy to use. We only need to do a simple configuration to activate the voice changer on Discord.

How to Change Voice on Discord

a. How to Install Voice Changer for Discord on Computer

Before discussing how to change your voice on Discord, we first need to install the best MagicMic iMyFone voice changing application on your PC or laptop. You can click the button below the video to download the iMyFone MagicMic application.

The following is a video tutorial on How to Change Your Voice on Discord, if you don’t want to read the words, you can watch the next video

Video Introduction to iMyFone VoxBox, let’s watch it now!

How to change the voice on Discord using a PC computer can be done by first installing the MagicMic Discord voice changer application in a simple way which is easy to follow using the following steps:

Step 1:Download MagicMic, and after downloading the MagicMic installer setup file, we can start installing the application.

Step 2:Open the setup file, then install MagicMic as usual.

download the magicmic installer setup file

Step 3:Wait for the application installation process, and when the installation is complete then we can start using it and proceed to the steps on how to change the voice on Discord.

b. How to Use Voice Changer on Discord

In this next point we will discuss in detail how to change the voice on discord using the MagicMic discord voice changer which is explained in the points below:

Step 1:Open the MagicMic application and make sure the “mic image icon” in the bottom right corner is active. Also make sure we have used the filters and audio settings as desired, if not, please configure them first and adjust them.

Step 2:Next, “open the Discord application” and make sure you are logged in to the account that will be used to communicate on the platform.

Step 3:Go to the ” Settings ” settings in the Discord application and select the ” Voice and Video ” menu.

how to configure discord for voice changer

Step 4:Next, in Input Device, we can select “Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio)” to use the sound that comes from the MagicMic. Regarding the output device options, you can adjust it.

Step 5:After that, if the sound is not clear or too loud, intermittent or broken, please adjust the ” Input Sensitivity ” we can choose to activate or deactivate it.

how to set discord for voice changer

Step 6:Before using it, we can finally check the sound by pressing the ” Let’s Check ” menu and make sure the sound that can be heard by other people in the discord is as expected.

How to Overcome Voice Discord Problems

Even though we have used the method to change the voice on Discord correctly, sound problems often still arise when using the voice changer on Discord, not because of the application but because the configuration needs to be adjusted .

If you experience problems such as sound not appearing or audio that is not clearly audible when using a voice changer for voice discord, some of the methods below can be used as a solution to overcome this.

a. MagicMic Not Working Solution

Step 1:If you have followed the tutorial on how to change voice on Discord but the mic sound doesn’t come out , first make sure that the mic you are using is working properly.

microphone sound settings on the computer

Step 2:See whether the mic is detected by the computer or not and make sure that the mic can be used on the PC even without activating the voice changer application first.

Step 3:If there are no problems with the mic and sound driver on the computer, in the Settings menu or MagicMic application settings, make sure we have selected the right mic in the ” Device Detection ” menu.

test the audio output sound filter effect on the magicmic application

Step 4:Make sure the settings in the MagicMic application, both filter effects and audio volume configuration, are set correctly. Next, in the MagicMic settings menu, we can also test whether the mic is functioning properly.

how to adjust the voice of the magicmic voicechanger application

Step 5:Then, if there are no problems with the MagicMic application, we can check in the Discord application again in the settings menu that we have selected the correct Input Device, namely Voice Changer Virtual Audio and have tested it via the ” Let’s Check ” menu.

b. Overcoming disconnected mic sounds and buzzing sounds

Step 1:If you have followed how to change the voice on Discord but are still experiencing problems, please open the Discord application then go to the Settings menu then select the ” Voice and Video ” menu.

Step 2:Next, deactivate “Noise Suppression”, this is because this feature will suppress all non-human sounds with the aim of making human voices sound clear, which can sometimes interfere with the use of some voice changing effects for certain filters.

Overcoming the voice changer filter sound not coming out in the Discord application

Step 3:Even though we have implemented the method of changing the voice on Discord correctly, sometimes there are problems such as buzzing in the mic. To overcome the hum or echo on the mic, we can activate the ” Echo Cancellation ” feature found on Discord.

That’s how to change your voice on discord with iMyFone MagicMic voice changer for discord which can be followed easily and quickly to use the discord voice changer . We don’t need to change the other settings on Discord and just leave them at the initial settings ” Default Settings “. However, if you are still experiencing problems, maybe you can do a little manual configuration of the available settings.

After following the tutorial on how to change your voice on Discord, below is a brief discussion about the MagicMic voice changer application . This Discord voice changer application can be used for free for both Windows and MacOS, apart from that, we can also use it on mobile devices, for example Android and iPhone. The real time voice changing feature which is suitable for use in the Discord application is only available for the desktop version of MagicMic.

One of the advantages of using iMyFone MagicMic voice changer for discord is that if we use the full version it can also be used on various devices and OS such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The full version of MagicMic includes all the same features as the free version, and the difference is that users can use all the audio filters and sound effects in the paid pro version. If you are still having difficulty following how to change your voice on Discord and are experiencing problems, please see the usage guide or contact support .


We can easily change our voice on Discord via the iMyFone MagicMic voice changer application . This application is the best choice to become a discord voice changer because it can be used for free for both Windows and MacOS which is useful for changing voices with filters in real-time. We can manipulate the discord voice on the microphone by using the many filter options on the MagicMic which are useful as a discord voice changer. How to use the voice changer on Discord with MagicMic to configure the steps are very simple and simple. On the other hand, if there is a problem using the voice changer for Discord, we can easily troubleshoot it to solve 

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